feat-img-jsurMal-alignment of the upper and lower jaws and correction of a poor bite is not always amenable to traditional orthodontics alone.  Often times corrective jaw surgery is needed to create a more favorable relationship of the upper and lower job to promote both a better bite and create a more harmonious facial profile.  Surgical movement of the upper and/or lower jaw to accomplish this goal can be done as an outpatient surgery.  The surgery is planned over a number of months with a surgeon and orthodontist collaborating treatment.  In the months leading up to surgery, orthodontic treatment is undertaken to ready the teeth and jaws for surgery by placing the teeth in the right place in the bone, a process called decompensation.  This may temporarily worsen the bite, but will create a tooth to bone relationship that will optimize the results of the surgery, helping to create a more ideal bite relationship (or occlusion as it is called).