Face Procedures

While beauty is truly in the eyes of the beholder, certainly a benchmark for beauty is the appearance of youth.  Facial rejuvenation is sought after by both men and women.  Several procedures are available, each tailored to the individual to help achieve this goal. Rejuvenation of the eyes can be accomplished with no only eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), but also with brow lifting procedures, fat grafting and skin resurfacing appearance.  A combination of procedures is often necessary to restore the upper facial appearance to that of youth, making patients appear more rested and less tired as well.

Rejuvenation of the midface may involve a combination of lifting and restoring volume through the injection of fat or other resorbable materials.  The aging of the lower face often involves an increase in skin laxity and resultant sagging which is often ameliorated with lower face and neck lifting procedures. All in all the restoration of good skin tone and complexion can be accomplished with anyone of the above procedures and often in conjunction with a skin resurfacing procedure to help do away with old age skin while helping stimulate the growth of new skin will enhance the end result and deliver a look that lasts erasing the stigmata of age.

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